Real-time Software Solutions Inc. markets best-of-breed software products and services for complete life-cycle development of Embedded and Real-Time Systems, with a particular focus on high integrity and safety critical systems. As a representative of software products from leading edge companies, we offer unique and integrated software solutions for Embedded and Real-Time applications used in Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, Transportation, Telecommunications, Industrial Automation, and Medical Electronics. Our mission is to help our clients develop quality systems with a shorter-time-to-market and at a lower cost by helping them optimize their selection and use of software tools.

Typical applications >

• Commercial and Military Avionics
• Electronic Engine Control Systems
• Control System Simulation & Modeling
• Virtual Test Benches

• Command and Control Systems
• Transportation Monitoring and Control Systems
• Medical Devices
• Wireless Devices and Systems

• Consumer Electronics
• Automotive Electronics
• Financial Systems




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